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Two Dog Farm



Two Dog Farm is a family-run certified organic farm located near Davenport in Santa Cruz County, about 70 miles south of San Francisco.

We sell our produce seasonally (late May to mid November) at farmer's markets and retail stores in Santa Cruz and San Francisco.

We pride ourselves on high quality, delicious produce.

Don't miss the dry-farmed tomatoes! See how 31 years  of dry-farming experience makes a difference.


It's tomato season again! 


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 We are in full on tomato season! We are bringing plenty to our markets in SF and our favorite stores in Santa Cruz area and a few in SF and the peninsula. Season is short so enjoy this glorious harvest for the next couple months! By October we will just be at markets again...
Saturday we are at the Alemany Market! Once again, we are getting bounced from our last spot (tough to be seasonal) but got a good place at #47, next to DeSanti (they are just doing half) and across from the office.  We are also coming every Sunday and Wednesday to the Heart of the City Market in SF until November or December!
Our Facebook is updated often so check us out!
Mark and I have been growing true, never-watered dry farmed Early Girl tomatoes since 1985! Why does everyone want to copy us? Because our tomatoes are so incredibly delicious! And we do it the hard way, which definitely takes more finesse and experience.


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You can e-mail us at:

Two Dog Farm * PO Box 369 * Davenport * CA 95017